Dog Behavior Consultant and In Home Trainer

Alpha Dog Academy is Southwest Florida’s unparalleled dog behavior consultant that specializes in getting great results with all breeds of dogs and puppies. Rayfield Baisley, the owner and head dog trainer, has years of experience and insight that helps him offer dog training services that few other companies can in Naples, Bonita Springs and Fort Myers.

Alpha Dog Academy offers premier in-home puppy training courses in Naples & Fort Myers Florida

Ray has worked with hundreds of dogs, and has developed a very unique skill in communication and trust. Dogs respond to Ray in a way most other dog trainers in Naples, FL, can never copy. He builds a strong bond with the dogs, and they trust him. Trust is a key component in what makes Ray’s method of dog training work when others fail.

Dog Training in Naples, Bonita Springs and Fort Myers, FL

Alpha Dog Academy comes to your home in Naples and trains your dog or puppy. In home dog training and in home puppy training is more convenient for you, the owner. It also helps your dog feel more at ease, because it’s his own environment.

Trust the best dog trainer in Naples Florida

Our Naples and Fort Myers in-home puppy training is second to none. We have testimonials from many organizations and owners, all singing our praises for the healthy, comfortable and successful dog training we provide.

Puppy Training Packages Available in Naples

We guarantee that your dog will be in great hands when you hire Alpha Dog Academy in Naples / Fort Myers. Our success depends on our track record of sincere love for dogs, and skills learned through years of training dogs just like yours.

If you have a dog or puppy that you want to be expertly trained in the comfortable atmosphere of your Naples or Fort Myers home, call Alpha Dog Academy. Rayfield Baisley will put his trusted dog training tactics to work with your beloved dog. All of his puppy training methods are proven and true.

Behavior Consulting & Training

Alpha Dog Academy is your resource for achieving a better understanding of your canine companion. We provide in-home dog training services in Southwest Florida, as well as education and inspiration for the dog owner. As Canine Behavior Consultants, we have advanced knowledge of canine cognition that goes beyond the typical dog “training” services other companies offer.

We believe that when a relationship between dog and owner is founded on communication, patience and compassion, a stronger bond is formed.

As an effective leader, you should provide structure, promote understanding, and teach through opportunities.

Always set your dog up to win, so that they may never lose. It is this foundation of trust, confidence, and respect that allows your dog to look at you with deserved admiration.

Does your dog ever…

  • Jump up on guests?
  • Ignore your commands?
  • Only respond to treats?
  • Dart out of open doors?
  • Pull while on leash?
  • Bark excessively?
  • Not come when called?
  • Growl, snap or bite?
  • Nip at you for attention?
  • Embarrass you in public?

Then you have found the right place! Contact us today at (239) 287-7113 for a no cost behavior consultation. There is nothing to lose except those bad habits!

Don’t blame them … TRAIN THEM … and yourself, too, at Alpha Dog Academy.